How the do it?

How IEEE, FCC, US - Airforge, US - Army, Nokia, Siemens, Bell Labs, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola have made the safety limits themselves.

Look here!

Warnings from Scientists!

Dangers of 5G / WIFI - Martin Pall, PhD

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis

Discussing the 5G Experiment, November 2019 -- Magda Havas

Olle Johansson, Retired Professor, PhD Neuroscience, Karolinska Instituttet, Sweden

Well take a good look below to see how it works. pass all warnings and fool the humans.

Michael Repacholli is comming from Alcatel Lucent.
Alcatel Lucent together with Bell labs makes the 5G cube antenna.Look here!
Bell labs is part of Nokia.
And the have made there own fake safety limits. SAR! Look here!
Michael Repacholli is also co-ordinator at WHO.
Michael Repacholli is also chairman at ICNIRP
Everyone who has an interest in wireless industry say listen to advice from ICNIRP!
So the circle is round, and you can't get a pin in between.
Michael Repacholli travels the world on behalf of WHO to proclaim that there are no health effects.
Michael Repacholli say signals only trafel 2mm into a body. Look here!
He lie. Here you can see the proof that 10mircowatt of radio signal can penetrate into the body.
Look at this video here!
WHO says that we must follow the EMF safety limits of ICNIRP.
So ho say to listen to themself ?!$!??

The ICNIRP receives its money from the telecom industry in a roundabout way.
Michael Repacholli say "yes it is comming from the telecom.
"But we do it in a big pot and do not no from ho it is comming"
Look here!

Research that show that there are biological effects
the will repeated on behalf of the telecom industry.
And suddenly oud of that there are no biological effects in it.
Thats the trick to take down the first Research that show biological effects.
And those are scientific scams!
Look here!

SAR is totaly nonsense and short-term measurement and only warming up effects.
(Andrew a Marino biofysicus!) Look here!
SAR uses the telecom as being dangerous to be non-dangerous,
but this SAR is made for the non pulsed microwave signals.
Microwave signals are like table tennis balls, Pulsed mobile phone signals are like bullets.

Instructions for use of telephones write that they must be used at least 1.5 / 2.5 cm away from the head.
Where does the health council go to say something about that nonsens lines of text in manuals!
Their own advertising shows people with the device at the head.
NO ONE uses his device any distance away from his head.
It is never made for that to use it this way!

The telecom agency cannot sufficiently measure 5G.
They don't have the right equipment for that.

5G is 50X intensively pulsed and then from all sides.
Antennas are directed straight pionted to houses and offiches.
These must penetrate deep into this.
City councils are disabled and have nothing to say about antennas. Can not refuse.
We have noting to say anymore about ower health anymore.

So wireless:
We going the same way with it as cigarettes. It was so good!
You can get many health problems from it,
People cannot do without it,
Devices are simply sold with big smile, like noting is wronge!
Doctors Have no idea about the health problems comming from it.
So for wireless industry nice formula to continue.
In poor country's the have credit but no rice to eat!
If governments do not hold 5G now for unsuspecting citizens, it is over and out.

What we get today that many do not no!

Today human's body have absorb this Electromagneticfields!
We did not see it. But it is there. Everywhere!

DVB - ( Digital TV and radio 24hr. )
Radar - ( Ships ports and Airports. 24hr. )
2G - ( Telecom system. 24hr. )
3G - ( Telecom system. 24hr. )
4G - ( Telecom system. 24hr. )
5G - ( Telecom system. 24hr. )
WIFI - ( Transmitting at home. 24hr. )
HOTSPOTS HOME - ( Public share network from WIFI router at home. 24hr. )
DECT - ( Transmitting house phones. 24hr.
C2000 - ( Police / Ambulance system. 24hr. )
433/833mhz - ( Wireless devices home. ) often
Satelite clobal internet - ( Developing now. )

Humans Smell, See, Feel, Receive electromagneticfields!

And then something els: The way we pay for internet will change.

How the end of net neutrality could change the internet.
Look here.

5G is NOT safe!

I hope you are informed now.

By the media you will be misled with wronge information!